Making meatballs this wknd! I make excellent meatballs 🌟 The trick is to use milk soaked bread not breadcrumbs and also do not overwork the meat when forming. Treat them gently and then cook them in either the oven with beef broth steamed or in a sauce of choice.

John Zabawa

«Tundra» 2016

“quam multi Libyco volvuntur marmore fluctus
saevus ubi Orion hibernis conditur undis;

As numerous as the billows churned in the Libyan sea*
where raging Orion sets in wintry waves;”

Vergil, Aeneid 7.718-19

*marmor literally means “marble;” it’s used as a word for the sea in poetry because it’s smooth and sparkling.

“One night at a hotel bar in Texas, someone told me the story of a man who for years made audio recordings of all his favorite sounds: trains passing through town at night, wind in the trees, crashing ocean waves, fire crackling in a fireplace, certain birds, thunder and rain on the roof… He did it so that if he ever became sick and incapacitated, he could listen to those sounds to remind himself of the things in life worth loving and holding onto.”
-Jonathan Carroll