When I was 8 years old my dad (who is a psychiatrist) used to tell me I was undergoing an identity crisis as an Asian American. I’d say to him Dad, I’m 8 yrs old. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I didn’t buy it either– I mean I was clearly Italian at the time he just didn’t see it.    #shaolin #statenisland #koreanitalian

The next time someone says something half izzy right I’m just gonna respond: You’re not wrong.

Im just gonna you’re not wrong everybody because no one is entirely right, ammirite?

Do you think if we bowed more as a greeting to one another our (American) culture would benefit? How do you think this might change relationships and communication?

  1. Bowing in Asian culture is a form of respect when two people meet that says : I see you. I acknowledge and recognize you. I am open to what you have to say. I am present and here and am receptive. Also, hello. I am glad to meet you. Respect🙌