Watching what is happening at the Texas border detention centers is heartbreaking 😢💔💔💔



I know it’s annoying to say I want to live in a modern farmhouse because it’s like contrived living when farming is quite a serious venture and there is nothing designy about it. In fact it’s political and social and it affects all of us on an integral level. But if i were to Dream id be living in this house with a few pet lizards named after obscure colors. I’d paint large natural landscapes and have a hot furniture maker partner. at night we would watch the desert cool and drink good whiskey and listen to patsy cline records and talk about how beautiful things can be quite sad and how sad things can be quite beautiful.  I could go into more detail but I don’t want y’all to think I’m
Crazy 😝

I ate McDonald’s twice last night lol

me going home at 2 am. I have lashes on. Also I’ve been tryin to grow out my brows can y’all tell or no?

Also chromeo was dope  ✌️💦💦💦



I made sunny side up eggs with salt cracked pepper and thin spicy salami with caraway seeds and I ate it all with Hawaiian sweet buns. I break the yolk dip it in bread and eat it topped with salami.

also when I get breakfast sandwiches I never ask for bacon egg and cheese. I get buttered roll with scrambled eggs (the butter melts onto the egg as well as the bread) or I get salami eggs on a roll. Sometimes cheese but it gets too unctuous and I don’t like that.