I just said I didn’t know
And now you are holding me
In your arms,
How kind.
Parachutes, my love, could carry us higher.
Yet around the net I am floating
Pink and pale blue fish are caught in it,
They are beautiful,
But they are not good for eating.
Parachutes, my love, could carry us higher
Than this mid-air in which we tremble,
Having exercised our arms in swimming,
Now the suspension, you say,
Is exquisite. I do not know.
There is coral below the surface,
There is sand, and berries
Like pomegranates grow.
This wide net, I am treading water
Near it, bubbles are rising and salt
Drying on my lashes, yet I am no nearer
Air than water. I am closer to you
Than land and I am in a stranger ocean
Than I wished.

-B. Guest

Do you think if we bowed more as a greeting to one another our (American) culture would benefit? How do you think this might change relationships and communication?

  1. Bowing in Asian culture is a form of respect when two people meet that says : I see you. I acknowledge and recognize you. I am open to what you have to say. I am present and here and am receptive. Also, hello. I am glad to meet you. Respect🙌