FreshFace Foundation

I am just about to the end of my Fresh foundation.

It’s strange but I don’t know anyone else that uses this product. I can’t imagine why. I am deathly afraid that noone uses it and it will be discontinued. That CANNOT happen. So I’m going to inform everyone. (or maybe just the lovely choice people who read this blog *smile*) how I cannot live without this small miracle. It gives me a dewy, natural glow.

Fresh Face Foundation

Before I found this gem of a product, I was in a bit of a quandry. My full coverage foundation felt awful in the heat of summer and didn’t look so natural during the day. So– I started to experiment with different tinted moisturizers. Unfortunately, the sheer coverage was just not enough. I needed a bit more coverage so I reluctantly returned to my regular foundation but used a wet sponge. Then I found Fresh products! Wonderful! I am a big fan of their foundation which contains umbrian clay and other good for you botanicals. This is a great go-between product.

I consider this a staple in my make-up repertoire. I wear it in the summer and as daytime product. It is creamy, mind you, and not for the oiler skin set. My skin tends to be drier but does get oily patches in the summer. It gives enough coverage to mask the red around my nose and the shadows beneath my eyes (without creasing). Perfect.

To read more about Fresh products go to:

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