Woke up this morning and the light in my room was very white almost warm feeling. I opened my eyes and looked at my white ceiling, the windows, all the edges along the wall, the brick, the dried flowers, the mirror with a slight coat of dust on its surface. I had a sense of it all being very real. They were real objects with edges to them and my eyes focused on them with clarity. I had a sense that I was coming out of my thoughts and seeing objects for the first time. It was an odd feeling and I stayed with it like wearing a pair of glasses. I wondered how long I could hold onto this kind of seeing and if I could turn it on and off. Then I realized I was too much in my thoughts these days creating this narrative in my head that I forgot to look at the world and all the things in it. I know it’s a small thing. It’s a belief in the solid. There is something calming about this. It’s almost all that I can hold onto in this changeable world.

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