Dean Young:  Yes . . . I think it is the back and forth that we crave. We want to leave the world, but we want the world there to make our leaving of it stupendous, marvelous. So we have to keep coming back to touch it. Establish a pivot foot. But a problem is when the pivot foot becomes an anchor and there is no launch, there’s only a sad lurch like an insect stuck in the goop of its own smashed limb. Metaphor works this way I think; its power comes from congress with the other, a leap toward it. The phone rings in the middle of the night, and we answer. You’ve won, says the unknown voice. I’ve been thinking too of an analogy with music, how listening to the pure imagination of improvisation I often don’t feel more than astonishment until a hook comes in, a melody and then I FEEL something. The melody may be the presence of what isn’t imagination. I’m thinking particularly of how in the Koln Concert you can heart Keith Jarrett listening and searching with astonishing, marvelous, explorational command and then there it is, like the surrealist’s naked woman in a forest, a melody, and it feels like the heart is being wrung out like a rag. So the imagination allows us both the means of escape but as importantly, maybe even more importantly, the means of return, as Breton says, “always for the first time.”

– dean young in conversation with Bomb Magazine

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