Guess who acknowledges that reparations are legitimate. Guess who favors legislative solutions for racial wealth and income inequality.
Guess who has promised to repair the Voting Rights Act.
Guess who has promised to reform the criminal justice system and the 1994 Violent Crime & LE Act.
Guess who wants to improve the ACA, rather than kill it and take healthcare away from 25 million people.
Guess who wants to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour.
Guess who was universal pre-K for the entire country.
Guess who wants to overturn Citizens United so that our election process can be reformed to the benefit of the public, not corporations.
Guess who has actual plans to benefit working families.
Guess who has candidly supported Black Lives Matter, and talks openly about white people’s responsibility to heal the racial divide.
Guess who started championing healthcare in 1992.
Come on, guess. I’ll give you one guess.

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