I’m writing down all my intentions for next year. Travel to at least 5 places outside of the country (I’m making my list– Korea doesn’t count!). Find one sport discipline and dedicate myself to it. Write regularly in a more disciplined manner (6 am m-f, then 4 pm, sat-sun). Take floral design classes. Study 1 area of interest in depth for at least 3 months. Be more globally aware, act responsibly on a communal level, speak up, be honest but kind, practice compassion. Forgive. Plant something. Watch it grow.
This is my list. What is yours? My feeling for next year is more discipline and structure but with room to allow myself the freedom to roll with the unexpected, the highs and lows. 2016 was about WAVES. When that wave comes, as they say, GO DEEP. I hope to do the same in 2017. Peace.💫

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