Out West

Refuse the old means of measurement.                            Rely instead on the thrumming                                 wilderness of self. Listen.

You have been lost for some time,                                       taking comfort in being home                                                  to any wandering thing. Sheep and brown cows

graze your heart pocket. Antelope and bison                     lap the great lake of your eye. And in your ear                      the black bear winters.

You name your dawn shadow                                             Rabbit.

You name your dusk shadow                                                   Spur.

And the river that cuts you as it runs west                         you name it Persistence.

Look. If you could bear sobriety,                                           You’d be sober.

If you could bear                                                                            being a person, you would no longer be                                an iron bluff.

Do not wander. We are all apportioned                                       a certain measure of stillness.

-Donika Kelly, Bestiary

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