My friend and I are keeping a dream journal together. I’ve had dreams of people transforming into animals lately. If I was Jungian, I’d imagine this is me tapping into my primitive imagination. Here is one that I had last year:

I had a weird dream last night, which I’m about to tell you.

I was in a bathroom that had a sunken tub, and I wanted to take a bath, but I noticed it had still water in it, so I climbed atop the tub to drain it. Then I noticed there was a girl in the tub, a young girl, wearing a pale, nude colored dress, not unlike Ophelia, and her hair was trailing about, really dark, in the water. I knew she wasn’t alive, but this fact didn’t shock me. In fact, her presence in the tub didn’t sway me at all. It was as if I already knew she was there and forgot for a moment.

I called my brother into the bathroom and we both stood there, looking down at her. What should we do? I said. We stood for a moment, not saying anything. We’ll have to take her out, he said. But then, a curious thing happened. Her eyes opened and she looked directly at me. At first, I thought it was part of mortis, perhaps a muscle contraction (logic does exist in dreams) but no, her gaze was intelligent, discerning. She looked at me almost slyly, as if she knew me through and through. Was I trying to get rid of her, she seemed to be saying. I walked across the room. Her eyes followed me. This was unsettling. Wherever I went, she seemed to be watching me. Finally, I left the bathroom. But as I closed the door, I could see, in that little slit of an opening, that her eye, so blue, unwavering, was still fixed upon my face.

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