People say to me — be more positive!  and I say what?  I am the most optimistic person I know! Just because I can see the darker sides of life, the things that people don’t want to see does not mean I dwell in misery. I think from early on I saw and experienced things and understood things and it never scared me. I never shied away from

difficult things,  from truths. My family would say I was a child with adult eyes.

And as a writer and a citizen of the world it is our job to express the spectrum of emotion from light to dark and dark to light. To fail to do so would be a life lived and represented on a false surface.

I have always been fascinated by what it is that motivates people— things they are not aware of —things hidden and not yet understood.  I understand that there are Creative and destructive aspects to our human experience. I do not judge one to be bad or good —it just is. Morality has no place in expression.  I also understand that not everyone shares this view and are, in fact, threatened by it. It is not my job to censor myself. Nor would I want to.

I never will.


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