The octopus, she reads, has photoreceptors not only in its eyes but also it’s skin. Which suggests that the skin can see (as well as taste and smell). So when a tentacle grasps your outstrtched finger it is seeing as well as tasting you. Chromatospheres are pixel like sacs embedded in their skin which causes them to change color as they change mood. They can be stripes or spots flashing rings and waves of rippling color. And yet, the octopus appears to be color blind. Chromatic chatter is what scientists call the involuntary color acts or octopus chattering to one another and to the outside world. Do octopus talk to themselves? Do they have a private language?  She drifts among the stacks of books in the bookstore touching one waxy cover at a time thinking about the eight armed mollusc which is both a muscle and a brain. A writhing hindu god all thought and sensation “it is not a thing controlled

by the animals thinking part but itself a thinking thing”

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