I look at how people move. I see how much of what they’re thinking reveals itself.

I can also tell where their center of gravity is. Where they feel the strongest. And also how much they are hiding. People who are strong and centered are settled in their hips. If their arms are animated that is their intellect, the fingers are the emotion. Expressive nervous people use their hands. When they are calm, the hands are folded and tucked away, thoughtful.  I also look at hands how long they are their shape and coloring. It shows how they think and process. Long tapered fingers are emotional if the ends are a bit stunted something is not yet disciplined and controlled but it is a creative mind. Tidy symmetrical fingers are a logical mind. They believe in systems they feel secure in  linear order. Some hands are a combination of both like a contradiction. I look at these hands the most because I see conflict there. It is interesting to me.

I notice a lot of things. The body reveals everything.

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