This hits all kinds of truth with me lately:


“Taking care of yourself also means addressing your own toxic behaviors and mindsets that are doing you more harm than good, It’s not enough to schedule a spa day or take yourself out to eat, Scorpio. You also have to be aware of your emotional triggers, and times when you push people away as a way to not face what exists within yourself. This eclipse has to do with how you see yourself, and how the world sees you as a result of your own self-reflection. Very deep. As a Scorpio, depth is your friend. So peel back the layers when it comes to who you are and who you’re evolving into. You hold the cards in your hand. But you’re letting the Universe deal them. Do you understand now, Scorpio? You are the Universe, and you’ve already dealt the cards of your dreams. You’re just having a little fun by pretending you’ve forgotten the path it takes to get there. But with every step you take this week, you remember.

via Scorpiomystique

It’s eclipse season. What is it you are letting go of?


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