“In movies, books, and even in retrospect, there are these obvious turning points. These are pivotal moments where you just know. In the grind of real life, it’s usually much harder to know what to believe, to do, or even to feel. When you’re in it, it’s usually not as clear as when you look back at it. Now is the time to take real-life risks for what you believe in. Life can feel like it’s happening to you, but you are meant to co-create it with intention. You are alive at this time for a reason. You are a part of the world, and whether you engage or hide, you’re still participating. The astrology of these days is somewhat dire. Things will not magically improve on their own. We will advocate for each other, protect each other, and show up for each other, or we will become divided – punishing and hurting one another and the planet.

It’s essential that you show up, even when it’s scary, or it doesn’t feel like you can do enough. This is a time of consequences to long-developing structures, institutions, and belief patterns.

This is your pivotal moment.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Do the damn work.

– Jessica Lanyadoo



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