the signs as feelings

aries: standing on a mountain; overlooking a cliff. first day of summer. sticky hands.

taurus: a saturday night in. when you’re comfortably full. ice water after a hot day out in the sun.

gemini: looking out an airplane window. the rush from the smell of old books. people watching in a city.

cancer: waking up when it’s raining. flipping through photo albums/old journals. taking a shower.

leo: singing in the car with the windows rolled down. looking in the mirror and smiling. wanting something and not knowing what.

virgo: bare feet on soft grass. after putting on lotion. when you cross off an item on your to-do list.

libra: not knowing where to eat. holding hands. a long sigh.

scorpio: 3 am and you can’t sleep. when you’re at the beach and the waves crash on the rocks in a way that hits your soul. sitting near a bonfire.

sagittarius: drunk on a friday night with your favorite song playing. driving early in the morning. cold feet.

capricorn: the heat in your throat when someone is lying and you know it. wanting to break something just to break it. wearing a big sweater.

aquarius: breathing in the first autumn morning. holding a warm drink. knowing the word but not the definition.

pisces: when the season changes. a candlelit bath. laying under the stars far away from a city.

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