I got hit on at Trader Joe’s yesterday while looking at sardines and dolmas in olive oil. I was tired and hungover and had no makeup on. Also dolmas– I always forget how magnificent they are. Especially with mint and oil. On the lyft drive home, my roommate opened almost all her packages: soap detergent smell she said and gave me the cap. it smells like a baby head i said. she gave me a chocolate covered almond horn. omg i said it’s a fcking horn. then we sniffed the peppermint organic toothpaste in a white aluminum case. isn’t it amazing i said that we can make metal pliable like this so we can squeeze out goo to put on our teeth to make them  white? i just think it smells good, she said. it’s just peppermint i said if it were basil toothpaste then ok yeah but peppermint is like, standard.

later we ate dolmas and sardines on dark nutty bread and talked about female orgasms.

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