So, I had a dream last night that I was late for class. There were drawings under my arms and notebooks. I took a cab and told the man to hurry but he kept driving around and around, totally lost. I was with a friend who was upbeat and chipper, almost like a cheerleader, but  no one that I recognize as a friend now. She kept giving him directions. I was impatient. It’s in Upper Queen Anne, I said.

Well, why didn’t you say so, he said. He swerved the car uphill and it seemed like we were coasting on a cloud. The higher we went, the more misty the weather became, until a light rain began to fall. I got out and I ran. A security guard stopped me. But, you have to believe me– I’m a student here, I said. I showed him my ID, the contents of my bag. I began to show him my drawings. Ok, he said, putting down his hand, go ahead.

I run by two girls who are standing in the hallway. That way, they say. So I run in that direction.

When I arrive, I see that there is a great staircase made of dark wood that curves this way and that, exceptionally beautiful, like the bone structure of a hand, or a solidified gesture of a hand. It reached up and up but the entire second landing was missing. Shit, I said, What is this? I stood on the first landing entirely confused, looking up. Then other students started to arrive. What is going on, said one girl. I don’t know, I said, looking up. Books surrounded the staircase as if cupping, or supporting the hand. The crowd got larger. Finally I called out the teacher’s name. On the third floor, she appeared, looking down at us.

It’s 2 pm, she said, calmly. Where have you been? I look up at her. But I’m here now, I said.

I had to climb. I had to climb up into the space that wasn’t there until I reached the 3rd landing.

After class, I went back to a house that wasn’t my house or any house I had ever lived in or recognized. In front of the house was an enormous grove with tropical vegetation and trees. It was afternoon. Suddenly a white watery mist appeared that looked like smoke. It moved among all the dark spaces between the trees. A woman came out– older– dressed in white, very kind. We have different settings, she said. This one is mist; we also have sudden rain, torrential downpour and staccato sun. She explained all this to me kindly, with great joy in her voice. Then she told me something– something I can’t share. I was sad, but it was something I understood and knew. I held her hands. I told her it was ok. I told her that whatever she had to say was ok.

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