I’ve been reading up on attachment styles. I would tell you what I am but that would be telling too much 😂

It is my personal belief that romanticism has its vital part in art, but not real life and relationships. It is in every part of its function something that has debilitated us in forming healthy smart and lasting unions. I believe in love and attachment wholeheartedly. I also believe that navigating towards a successful relationship is built on skills that are practical not mystical. We need to demystify the language and narrative we have built up and believe for ourselves. If we continue to pursue the pink cloud we will not see the air that is clear that we breathe. Author/philosopher Alain de Botton is beyond fascinating but he is also a refreshing tonic to the endless jargon out there of “self love” and “instinct”. I am not saying that instinct or feeling is faulty but the means in which we utilize them is overly dependent and wrong. Take a listen.

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