Guess what I’m making today. Hellls to the YEAHHHHHHH.
Also I am 80% plant based diet, 20% meat. I feel best this way. Any of the two extremes I really feel off balance. I think it is important to listen to your body intuitively and not propagandist literature about what is good for you. Your body has a voice. Listen to it.

As for those that consume with a conscience yes I’m all for knowing where your food is sourced. What you eat is as much political as it is personal and with the eruption of all the information we have out there it is important to find what personally works for you. And also most importantly to not judge or change others but only to cultivate awareness. That is key, after all. You are only responsible for your own body. What other people do is their own choice and business. Thank you and ok 🙏


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