Here is something that happened on the G train a few months ago that I still think about:

A man on the G train looked a bit distressed and he said out loud which train takes me to Bedford nostrand? The man next to me that was reading spoke up and said The G train. The man looked at him and said thanks. The train filled with people and I could no longer see the distressed man. The thing is, the train we were on was running in the opposite direction of Bedford nostrand. This then caused me anxiety  but I could not tell the man he was going the wrong way because of the people in the way. And then this connection happened in my brain. I thought to myself: is this how the universe is?  Isn’t this how it works? sometimes we get the answer but we are not told how to get there. That part is kept silent. the universe just watches you as you stumble blindly about trying to figure it out. But it tells you the answer. At some point, you find your way.


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