I’ve been experimenting with my eating habits these past two weeks and it’s amazing to me how much you can change how you look and feel just by what you ingest.
I’ve figured out the following:

1. I’m allergic to dairy. I don’t want to accept this because CHEESE IS LIFE but it’s gotten worse as I’ve gotten older. It makes me swell up and bloat like a balloon and contributes to a general feeling of malaise and discomfort. There are ways around this such as taking enzyme pills. That’s my reality and I have to accept it or just feel sick. The greatest pleasures in life are not free, eh?

2. I feel amazing when I eat meat but only once in a while in moderation (once or twice a week). Otherwise I feel congested. I don’t think going completely plant based is for me. It doesn’t make me feel good at all. I do believe we take on the energy of what we eat, so I’m mindful of where my food comes from.

3. Berries are anti inflammatory powerhouses and the key to working against nights of excess. It works. I eat blueberries every day. This and lemon water then early evening have some hot bone broth. I like to put chopped celery and thyme or rosemary in there too.

4. I love wine but have to stop after glass 2 or it interrupts my REM sleep cycle.

5. I will never give up pizza. Is Gods manna. Hallelujah and amen.

6. I crave bitter foods like artichoke and olives and dandelion because I realized there is too much sugar in my system (read : bloat) and my body naturally knows what will balance it. I’m making lemon chicken with artichoke and olives again.

The rest TBC. Isn’t body awareness amazing?

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