I see more and more that the happiest -wait no let me rephrase – the most meaningful lives are ones in which you are committed to that which is larger than you and fills you with moments of awe and transparency and  joy. That is not to say these meaningful lives are not punctuated with loneliness doubt pain or anxiety. No we can’t avoid the debt that comes with living but to live a meaningful life is to sacrifice yourself-  your small ego with its daily wants and pedestrian cares to that of something greater. People find this in marriage in children in a cause in a career in music and language and research and science. We dedicate ourselves to something that is larger than ourselves because it has something important to tell us and teach us. And that is why we are here. To give our entire self to this search for meaning. To live in the daily life and to feel the heartbeat of that which moves us which is invisible and great and by every means of a life lived, transformative.

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