early fall exists; aftertaste, afterthought; seclusion and angels exist; widows and elk exist; every detail exists; memory, memory’s light; afterglow exists; oaks, elms, junipers, sameness, loneliness exist; eider ducks, spiders, and vinegar exist, and the future, the future 6 fisherbird herons exist, with their grey-blue arching backs, with their black-feathered crests and their bright-feathered […]

So Good

INTERVIEWER I think it’s interesting that you said object. I remember the first poem you gave me to read, “Total Collection,” about Noah collecting the animals for the ark. I got about four lines into it and I realized it kept getting thicker and deeper and harsher. It didn’t feel like a poem, it felt […]

Our English word purple comes from Latin purpureus, which comes from Greek porphyra, a noun denoting the purplefish. This sea mollusk, properly the purple limpet or murex, was the source from which all purple and red dyes were obtained in antiquity. But the purplefish had another name in ancient Greek, namely kalche, and from this […]

Should storms, as may well happen, Drive you to anchor a week In some old harbour-city Of Ionia, then speak With her witty scholars, men Who have proved there cannot be Such a place as Atlantis: Learn their logic, but notice how its subtlety betrays Their enormous simple grief; Thus they shall teach you the […]

I’m thinking about getting a sommelier license. I fucking love wine. I fucking love cheese I fucking love bread I’m passionate about talking about the story behind where food and drink comes from and why wouldn’t I want to study one of the great pleasures in life?