photo: I woke up this morning and thought, it’s still the weekend! Hooray! Vacation makes me think of stripes. Striped shirts, striped shorts, striped candy, striped socks, striped cats. I spent most of yesterday recovering from Saturday night. The boyfriend had a gig, then we went to the warehouse rehearsal space in East Williamsburg. […]

“We all know you here as the cynical girl, the American girl. We were told you were coming, our men were instructed to watch for you on the cliffs, to report back when they saw your blue and red mast tip the horizon.”

Fray and Flowers Jupe

Look at the dress I just bought at!   Rick Owens thin black metallic leather jacket. I plan to wear it with over the knee black stockings thin black leather jacket and boots. Maybe some librarian glasses for added measure. With these vintage engraved cat-eye glasses. Fab leather corset belt.  Black Moto Boots from I’m getting […]