season of burning leaves by raphael dagold He is looking for something perfect in the vacant lot full of voices. We are knives made of a diamond, say shards of plate glass edged like water beside dead crowns of August goldenrod. I am as big as your head, nods the dull rock squatting like a […]

I see more and more that the happiest -wait no let me rephrase – the most meaningful lives are ones in which you are committed to that which is larger than you and fills you with moments of awe and transparency and  joy. That is not to say these meaningful lives are not punctuated with loneliness […]


By Wisława Szymborska I prefer the cinema. I prefer cats. I prefer oak-trees by the Warta. I prefer Dickens to Dostoyevsky. I prefer myself liking humans to myself loving humanity. I prefer having a thread with a needle close at hand. I prefer green. I prefer not claiming that the intellect should be blamed for […]

Another September Dreams fled away, this country bedroom, raw With the touch of the dawn, wrapped in a minor peace, Hears through an open window the garden draw Long pitch black breaths, lay bare its apple trees, Ripe pear trees, brambles, windfall-sweetened soil, Exhale rough sweetness against the starry slates. Nearer the river sleeps St. […]