Fray and Flowers Jupe

Look at the dress I just bought¬†at! ¬† Rick Owens thin black metallic¬†leather jacket. I plan to wear it with over the knee black stockings thin black leather jacket¬†and boots. Maybe some librarian glasses for added measure. With these vintage engraved cat-eye glasses. Fab leather corset belt. ¬†Black Moto Boots from I’m getting […]

Sad Ministers in Petticoats and Wilting Moustachios

Last night the air had a Tuesday quality Sad Ministers in Petticoats and Wilting Moustachios in the garden She remarks about so and so and this and that and who is he in a white peasant shirt. Blousy, she says. Shocking, I say. Seinfeld Shirt, we say. Later, the shirt breezily remarks about the quality […]