I was on Spotify (i missed my music apps in Cuba 😦 )  listening to a playlist and I was so impressed by the selection like this lineup is SO GOOD  who did this?! Then I realized I made the playlist




Salt water is an energy cleanser. If you feel stuck anxious fatigued or you feel the residual energy of others, you can take a dip in the ocean. If you don’t have the ocean take an Epsom salt bath. You will feel released afterwards.

Clarity is a gift.

Namaste, my friends.

Cuba lived up to all of my expectations. Havana has an old world haunted feel with the ruined colonials and faded pastel buildings and sleek 1950s Chrysler convertibles. There are stray cats and dogs everywhere and men tell you they love you on the streets please marry me linda. We danced and drank rum and braided our hair. We went to Vinales for the horses and the cigars dipped in mountain honey and ate fresh grilled fish in the jungle with cold cerveza (beer). I got sunburned and swam in the most beautiful clear warm ocean. I brought back a seashell as small and white and smooth as my newfound heart.