I am tickled pink–in a bit of wonderment. Junya Watanbe has created something that feels French, Japanese, African and Dutch. By mixing ethnic print  with reconstructed denim, gingham and white shifts, he redefines ethnic textiles. And I find that visually thought-provoking. The headdress, which is over the top, feels right. As if a nun were taking a walk through the fields, and hands busy, decided to wrap a sheave of wheat to her head. Winning.  Winsome. Top notch!




Today’s word is “hearkening.” As in heart and darkening. Or perhaps Heart and Arcing. It’s a beautiful word, no?

Now for some visual tastefulness. I’ve been swallowing whole this entire line. So preety. preety. So pretty that it deserves two preeties, like a chirping bird.

I love the textile pattern. So earthy, lively and intelligent.

Charming. truly.

Mociun. See here.

The Longest Bridges Have Opened Their Slender Wings

When I was beginning to read I imagined
that bridges had something to do with birds
and with what seemed to be cages but I knew
that they were not cages it must have been autumn
with the dusty light flashing from the streetcar wires
and those orange places on fire in the pictures
and now indeed it is autumn the clear
days not far from the sea with a small wind nosing
over dry grass that yesterday was green
the empty corn standing trembling and a down
of ghost flowers veiling the ignored fields
and everywhere the colors I cannot take
my eyes from all of them red even the wide streams
red it is the season of migrants
flying at night feeling the turning earth
beneath them and I woke in the city hearing
the call notes of the plover then again and
again before I slept and here far downriver
flocking together echoing close to the shore
the longest bridges have opened their slender wings.

-W.S. Merwin, Echoing Light – Photos: hen’smarch flickr

Je suis malade

I feel like yuck. Sick as a dog. blech. I am hopped up on cold medicine and bedridden but now I have to straggle outside in the gloriously pre-fall weather (or is it indian summer?) to show my sickly face to the world. Thank the lord for sunglasses. Don’t know what to do without them on days like this. But hey! I found a beaut of a plaid shirt in a vintage store for 10 dollars! Then I found to my amazement that this store has a TON of retro plaid button downs. I am buying one super xtra large to wear as a belted dress with black tights and heels. I am also on the hunt for boys pleated trousers to wear with heels, loose tanks and librarian glasses. I am supposed to be researching snowboards and LCD monitors for a freelance writing gig I just scored and I will. Right after I get some caffeine in me and some more Dayquil.

Guess who I’m seeing this Friday? For all you sassy alumni, you know this band well. Before grunge made its indelible mark, this man was on the scene. He is like the grandaddy of all (aka my boyfriend’s rock idol). I remember him too but I was way more into The Posies, Matthew Sweet and Liz Phair. They’re playing this Fri with Built to Spill which, of course, are giants in their on right. I am totally stoked. Like a wild outtacontrol fire. (that’s 90’s ling for ya.)

(photo: une fille comme moi blog)

So just when I thought I’ve seen all the cute things for the day, something comes along that blows everything out of the water. Look at her (above)

I never thought I’d see the 90’s return but here it is. I must be some kind of granny for these looks to be recycled returned renewed. Glad to see it though. Too bad I didn’t keep all those button down plaid shirts. I can’t believe I’m copying a look that I used to wear when I was 19. Go figure.