Skulls & Shells


Shells make me feel quiet and dry.


They are the teeth of the ocean.



Skulls house the memory of a thought.


It holds something that remembers, and when the thought leaves,

the remainder forgets.




Sometimes we build shells called houses  or rooms with stairs

and wiring and light and shelves. Sometimes we move

from room to room, touching and moving objects.


We think this will make a different house,

we trick ourselves with new curtains and turn the chair into a compass,

the table into a fragile needle.


picture-27photos: Tom Mannion

On Intimacy, On Writing.


“May we begin a dialogue there in the future. May we learn something from each other. Electronic writing will help us to think about impermanence, facility, fragility, and freedom, spatial intensities, irreverences, experimentation, new worlds, clean slates. Print writing will allow us new respect for the mark on the page, the human hand, the erasure, the hesitation, the mistake.

Electronic writing will give us a deeper understanding of the instability of texts, of worlds.

Print writing will remind us of our love for the physical, for the sensual world. And for the light only a book held in one’s hands can give. The book taken to bed or the beach—the words dancing with the heat and the sea—and the mouth now suddenly on my salty neck.

Electronic writing shall inspire magic. Print writing shall inspire magic. Ways to heal.”

– Carole Maso, Rupture, Verge and Precipice, Precipice, Verge and Hurt Not.

I Don’t Like Mondays…

picture-23This wickedly bad-ass scarf is by Paul’s Mom. (Not a Paul you and I know, but a label). You can find it at the online boutique called “I Don’t Like Monday’s” which, if I’m not mistaken, was a song by The Boomtown Rats back in the 70’s. (I know, obscure reference but don’t be impressed…I googled it 🙂 It is the creation of one part Colin Talbot who sends me cheery emails, one part Dean Rodgers and another part Rila Fukushima. They are a handsome lot and they’ve got good vision. Check out their stock, full of indie designers.

Bruno Levy just designed a line of hand-drawn sweats and tees and sneakers that I’m totally into:

picture-22They’re having a black out holiday weekend sale, everything 30% off…

Just A Few Things…

picture-12The sheer yellow capelet above is the creation of Netherlands designer Barbara Munsel. I love her organic bent, which feels fluid and feminine, not crunchy. She works in organic jersey, crepe de chine silks and chiffons. Everything is handprinted and hand-dyed. It’s how grown-up girls play dress-up.

Her blog is definitely worth taking a look…



Feathered shrug. Divine.

picture-9Gorgeous printed leggings!



She makes jewelry as well, like this fringe, eye-lash necklace.



The two pieces above which are part of her Spring ’09 collection reminds me, if you can excuse the gauche interpretation, of spores and seeds and flowers. And mold, to which I am allergic (achoo!) But who knew mold could be so beautiful? Love it…

And, on a totally different note: Some beautiful interiors…


picture-51It would be nice to have a make-shift fireplace in the room. I love this one for the clustered frames, the blues and yellows, the peasant like feel.

picture-6I prefer older looking kitchens, with small worn rugs.

picture-33An old-fashioned wash room.

picture-2This one is unlike the rest but, WOW, look at that spiral staircase. I’ve always wanted a spiral staircase, especially for a library.