I spy a catbird near the owlbough. No, really.. Catbird is a wonderful jewelry shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, right on Bedford Ave, about 50 steps away from my door. Walking in, you feel as if you are in the boudoir of some dreamy jeune fille. it’s lovely, houses the best in indie jewelry designers and you can shop online:

Such as this pistachio-moustachio necklace:

I am also counting the days till fall until I can wrap these lovelies around my ankles. Truly.

Fur-wrap legwarmers found at Catbird.

Mark Makeup

I am off to Fire Island next week for some well deserved fun in the sun. This is good news but it does leave me in a quandary: How does a girl who wears make-up everyday pack lightly so that she still looks natural and polished without the fuss? I am of the belief that fuss is necessary, without looking like you fussed. Is it possible for a fussy girl to be de-fussed from her routine?

We shall see. I will test out some pretty, portable products from Avon’s Mark. They are so well-priced, you feel like you are purchasing sample products. And the size is perfect since I will be tossing everything willy-nilly into my day-bag. Let’s leave organization behind!! Let’s be gorgeous heathens for a week!

In my bag:


  • mark C-Thru-U Beautifying Sheer Tint. Oil Free sheer makeup with SPF 15. Contains grape seed, green tea extracts and Vitamins A, C and E. Price: $8.00




  • mark Crystal Shimmer Hook Up Powder. Sparkling loose powder in bronze and pink tones that you can mix into your makeup. For face, body and hair. Price: $5.00


  • mark Shimmer Bars. Italian baked shimmer bars for eyes and cheeks. Blend shades together for a shimmering glow. Price: $6.00 (Note: The baby-sized version of this are the Shimmer Cubes for only $5.00)

  • mark Kiss Therapy Super Soothing Lip Balm in Sheer Peach. So pretty in a pink tin. Beautiful color. Contains rose extract, honey and Vitamin E. Price: $4.00

  • mark Pop In Color Lip Gloss. These are so candy! They come in little paint-pots that look like something out of a paint-by-number kit. Love these. Especially the perfect rosy nude in Nude-pop. Price: Price: $5.00




  • mark Glossblossom Ripening Lip Tint. Color: Personalized pink. Goes on clear then ripens to a juicy pink. Pink stain lasts after the gloss disappears. Price: $6.00




TopShop to Hit NYC

Topshop, the revered mecca for fashionistas, will be opening up their doors in downtown NYC with a SoHo address. Come October 2008, I imagine all the girls in the know will be parked outside of 478 Broadway with purses in hand.

I will most definitely be there. ūüôā I will be on the hunt for plaid cropped hunter coats and anoraks. All Elmer Fudd-like.

TopShop, Fall 2008
TopShop, Fall 2008

Skin-Care Plateau


So, lately I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon: I’m experiencing some kind of¬†skin-care plateau.

I’m a little baffled since I¬†use all the¬†right products. Here’s my list:

  • Cleanser: Neutrogena Anti-Oxidant Age Reverse Cleanser (this is a new product which¬†boasts soy for better skin tone, feverfew which soothes redness, Gamma Tocopherol which is the anti-oxidant Vitamin E, and Helioplex which is a chemical sunscreen).¬† I’ve had results with Soy and Feverfew, only because I’ve used comparitive¬†Aveeno Products. I’ve always loved Neutrogena so I decided to try this. I’m not crazy about the consistency which has the texture of dishwashing liquid. It is not a¬†harsh detergent¬†but quite mild.¬†So far, it’s ok.¬† It doesn’t really brighten my skin. Needless to say, I’ve never found a cleanser I really love so I suppose this category is still open for change.

 **Ok, now that I think about it, there are two that I really like: Fresh, Soy Cleanser.  Great product. I really noticed a difference in my skin. More even-toned. Something about the Soy soothed my skin.

And Amore Pacific Iope and Laneige cleansers. This line is fabulous. It deserves a write-up on its own. Look for this in my future posts.

  • Serum: Skinceuticals C E Ferulic: Ok girls, YES I am using this (it’s been about a month) and YES, it is¬†EVERYTHING I imagined it to be and more. What is strange however, is that some days it makes my¬†skin look¬†dewy, even toned, plump and wrinkle-free. And then some days it will make my skin quite red and flaky. I know that my skin needs to become accustomed to the product¬†so I am giving it more time. I will write a full review of this product after another month.


  • Treatment: Neutrogena Anti-Wrinkle Intensive Night Creme (Retinol Treatment): When I first used this product which was about 2 months ago, I was amazed. Retinol DOES work. It has made my skin look so much better, clearer, even-toned. I have firmer skin. I can actually see the results. It is also in stable packaging (opaque, airless tube) so I know that the product is effective. Packaging is quite important when it comes to ingredients like Vitamin C or E or Retinol. Studies have shown, in fact, that de-stabalized Vitamin C can actually be harmful to the skin. ( I will write more on this later). Retinol needs to be in an air and sunlight-free package. Jars are a no-no because it is exposed to air. (I¬†do, however, love beauty jars so this is disappointing).¬†Also, on a side note, when retinol is exposed to sunlight on your skin, it becomes inactive (according to dermatologist Leslie Baumann). So wear it at night and in the morning, wear your sunscreen, since retinol makes skin more sensitive to UV rays.


  • Moisturizer: I have 2 that I go back and forth on : Korres Rose¬†Cream and Eucerin CoEnzyme 10 cream. I love Korres purely for the scent. I LOVE the smell of this, so fresh and lovely. The product states that it brightens the skin and fades discoloration.¬†So far, I can only say that it moisturizes and it smells great. It is a good base moisturizer. It really doesn’t treat my skin, as far as I can tell. But again, the packaging and the smell has me sold. I use Eucerin CoEnzyme 10, because of this particular antioxidant. It is reasonably priced and for the most part, is a good moisturizer. The only downside is that it is in a jar, which makes the ingredients inactive. A far superior (and more expensive product) is DHC’s CoEnzyme Line. Their cream works wonders.
  • ¬†Sunblock: I use a pretty inexpensive physical block (Zinc oxide, titanium dioxide).¬†Physical blocks are minerals, not chemical sunblocks and so they do not irritate my skin. I also use Neutrogena’s Dry Sunblock with Helioplex since it always comes so highly recommended. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of sunblock. I wish I didn’t have to wear it but I know that it is a must, so I wear it every day. This category doesn’t really need to be updated.

So what’s a girl to do now?

Well, I’ve been eyeing some of Philosophy’s new products, namely their Hyauralic Acid¬†Capsules¬†and their Retinol capsules. You break open the capsules and mix¬† the powder with your moisturizer. This is smart since it maintains the integrity of the ingredients. I think I will switch to a higher level of retinol. And I might dip into the Estee Lauder line. I once received a small sample of DayWear creme and wow! it really made a difference. And Vitamin C for brightening. I already use Skinceuticals but I might include a pure Vit C product to brighten my skin.

So I will let you know how I fare. The smartest way of course is to slowly introduce new products. I will let you know where it takes me. ūüôā

Oh Wendy, How Much Do I Love Thee?

Dear Wendy,

Why must you tempt me?      Especially with this light floral nightgown?

This one looks perfect to lounge in whilst sipping gin rickeys and perusing through Djuna Barnes.

If you are not familiar with this gamine, Brooklyn-based line, then you MUST visit their online site:

Wendy Mullin’s clothes are retro-inspired styles that always look fresh and modern. I live two blocks away from their Williamsburg store. And I am afraid to visit lest I experience some frenzied spending bliss. I myself own a peach-fused blouse from 2 summers ago that I still love. It is gauzy and light. I still get compliments… enjoy!