To Sir, With Love…

I have this fancy that the Bronte sisters dressed exactly like this. Darkly romantic.

Classic, simple silhouettes.

I love this line by Joanna Baum called Sir. Though one wouldn’t be tromping through the moors in these frocks, you can quite as easily traverse the terrain of the city looking Bronte-esque.

She just opened a shop in Williamsburg and I happened to see it while nightrunning. The shop replaced an artsy video store where I rented all my new wave French films and though I miss my Trouffaut, I would much rather have this beautiful shop as my neighbor.

Visit Sir, at


Hmm…2 years ago I thought red tights were pretty ugly. Like faster-than-a-speeding-bullet- able-to-leap- buildings-in-a-single-bound ugly. Now, I see them in a totally different light. (Just like how I feel about gently pleated harem pants * good name for band*). I like them with tan skirts, esp if they are wool or tweed. And silk, as seen here.

Something about them reminds me of childhood. I remember wearing white, red, dark green and dark blue tights with shiny patent leather mary-janes. They were always itchy. And I was always miserable. My mom also liked to dress me up in rabbit fur coats and lacy white dresses. Then we would cruise out in our maroon Cadillac Eldorado for Korean Dinners in Fancy Restaurants. It was the 80’s and my parents were living it up in the Reagen era. what can I tell you.


I completely embrace the menswear inspired look. It is so refreshing to see a girl dress boyishly. It comes across as scholarly, confident and effortless. I love Boy by Band of Outsiders, and Michelle Williams looks wonderful in these photos!

I love the blazers paired with plaid shirts or tartan vests. Fun.

Dewar’s On the Rocks, please.

Pres Bush? Yes, it’s michelle… I’d like to report an economic crisis? (Pause) Well, that’s why I’m voting blue this year. thanks. buhbye.

Just hangin. looking fab.

I love oversized navy crewneck sweaters. I could wear one everyday. Hello Dolly!

And um, how cute are those bow tie necklaces? I think I will make one of my own. Project idea! Note to self: get a clip on and clip onto multi-chain necklace.


for your birthday she sent you a card
she didn’t sign her name she gave an autograph. now she’s trying to call your bluff
is she your true love? we knew the boy who went from Mod to Ted
she asked matter of fact had he gone off his head
he was uncomplaining as a tree
not a thing like me.
you’re not a teenager. so don’t act like one. sure she is a heartbreaker. does she have one?
is it down to me, down to me? we both rarely speak. i went for a stroll after dark
i thought of you and her while staring at the black. i didn’t have you down for being easily led
or the girl well read. you’re not a teenager. so don’t act like one
sure she is a heartbreaker
does she have one?
is it down to me, down to me?
we both rarely speak


She was a wiccan. But more than a wiccan, she was honest. She would say things that felt premature, not ready, but said them like: you’re not much of a stockbroker, are you. and, why don’t you fall in love with someone you really love and stop using your life as an excuse to be sad. it was startling really, but everyone wanted her at a party, reading the smidge of leaves at the bottom of a cup. Sometimes, there would be moments of inopportune grace: He loves you more than you imagine, clouds couldn’t stop his army galloping to your rescue. things like that. one day a girl burst out crying and i saw her lay a pale, spidery hand on her shoulder. There was a lamp spilling between them like honey. Sarah, she said, sarah, you deserve what you wish and hope for. Stop trying to make it not so.