It’s raining here in NYC. Monsoon weather. Gusts of winds. Fashion week is around the corner.

I really love this girl’s ensemble. It’s something that I could conceivably wear. I’m drawn to quiet, understated style. bookish, I would say. I love her full trench, her shoes, her hair parted in the middle and the denim skirt peeking out. I even love her glowing cigarette.

Photo: copenhagen style blog


COAT  is kind of strange word, isn’t it?  As in, What are you wearing? A COAT.   As if someone just painted a layer on you. Anyway, I’ve been looking at coats obsessively since the beginning of August. I love the Mayle Fall coats: The Odette and Ludovine.  And then I bounce over to Topshop where prices are more in my range. Here are a few that have caught my fancy:



1-topshop 2-mayle odette 3-topshop

I am so tired today. It is getting darker earlier and earlier. Last night I watched a movie on a creaky futon, the a/c noisy. Then I noticed a mosquito go round and round the square ceiling. It would land and fly, land and fly, like an eye shutting and opening. I watched it for a while and even when i turned off the light i still thought of it circling around like a car, crashing in the dark.

photos: here


I woke up this morning and thought, it’s still the weekend! Hooray! Vacation makes me think of stripes. Striped shirts, striped shorts, striped candy, striped socks, striped cats. I spent most of yesterday recovering from Saturday night. The boyfriend had a gig, then we went to the warehouse rehearsal space in East Williamsburg. There was a Burning Man party, lots of men in acid washed denim and girls wearing plastic fruit on their heads. It was a full-on rave, just like the old days. Ok, so I’ve encountered some technical issues with uploading pics on ebay but I think I’ll have them up by tonight, definitely tomorrow.